(1 pm 4/7/20)

The last few weeks have been very difficult for us all, as we try to adjust to our “new normal” in life and at work amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

At Sarubin Dental, we have been diligently staying up-to-date with the recommendations by the Federal Government, Governor Hogan, the American Dental Association, the Maryland State Dental Association, and the Maryland Department of Health. On March 18th, we made the decision to close our office to patients to do our part in helping slow the progression of COVID-19 based on the recommendations at the time. We are currently being advised to remain closed for all non-emergency patients “until the end of the State of Emergency”, which currently does not give us a timeline as to when we can reopen our doors to our patients. At this point we will remain closed for all non-emergency and non-urgent dentistry until May 1st.

If you are a patient currently in Invisalign, we will be reaching out to you to move your appointments between the hours of 8-12pm for curbside pickup. We ask that you call the office when you arrive, and a team member will bring your Invisalign trays to you.

If you have an upcoming appointment in our practice, our staff will be contacting you by email or text to cancel your appointment and check in with you. We want our patients to still know that we are here for them, thinking about them. If you have any questions, concerns, or simply just want to reach out, please see all provider emails below. If you are having a true dental emergency please call 410-594-9500. If you call during our office hours someone can help you. If you call after our office hours, dial 1, and your call will be directed to our emergency dental assistant on call, Carren.

We truly miss all of our patients and can’t wait to see you all again. Stay healthy and safe!

– Dr. Danny, Dr. Todd & Team


Betsey – [email protected]

Sam – [email protected]

Shanoy – [email protected]

Dr. Danny – [email protected]

Dr. Todd – [email protected]

For Emergencies:

Carren – [email protected]


Carrie – [email protected]

(3 pm 3/18/20)


We have been closely monitoring federal and state recommendations in regard to office policy related to the COVID-19 virus.

The Maryland State Dental Association has now asked dental practices to consider remaining open on a limited basis, primarily for emergency and urgent patient needs only. At this point, we have decided to temporarily close the office for elective procedures and remain open for emergency only appointments starting Friday, March 20th, for the next 3 weeks.

It is our responsibility to do our part to lessen the spread of the COVID-19 and we will continue to evaluate this situation and keep our patients informed. If you have an appointment scheduled in this time frame, we will be reaching out to you shorty. We will be available to see any true emergency during this period and will still maintain phone coverage as well. We will also be posting updates at our website so our patients can be aware of any changes.

Our highest priority is the health and well-being of our patients and team, and we appreciate your understanding and patience. We love our communities and Sarubin Family and we wish you and your families the best during this challenging time.

– Dr. Danny, Dr. Todd and Team

(10 am 3/16/20)

To our valued patients:

Your overall health and wellness has always been our highest priority. We appreciate the growing concern with COVID-19 within our communities. After evaluating the most current information and reviewing all published guidelines, we remain confident in our ability to provide dental care in a safe and healthy environment at Smile Rotunda. We are implementing the following additional precautions and recommendations to our patients and team members in light of COVID-19.

1. We recommend any patient stay home if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

* Use your best judgment. If you are sick, we will help you reschedule. If you are uncertain, please call our office prior to your appointment.
* If you have any concerns about your appointment please don’t hesitate to ask.

2. We will maintain a clean and safe environment and continue to comply with OSHA and CDC infection control guidelines.

* We have standard protocols in place to disinfect all surfaces and patient contact areas. We sterilize or safely dispose of all instruments and products used during patient care. We utilize personal protective equipment (e.g. masks, gloves, safety glasses) to keep you and team members safe.
* We have reviewed the procedures for proper hand hygiene, reinforced their importance, and encouraged accountability between team members.
* We have expanded and increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of all common areas and facilities.
* We have temporarily removed items that pose a risk for cross-contamination (e.g. magazines, toys, and books) from our common areas.

3. We support a healthy work environment for our employees.

* We have requested our team to not be present at our office if they are experiencing symptoms.
* We are closely monitoring updates from the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and the American Dental Association and will continue to seek guidance from these agencies and local public health officials. With new information, we will make the necessary adjustments to our operations and will keep you informed of any changes.

Thank you for your continued trust and confidence in the care you receive at Sarubin Dental Group. If you have questions or concerns, please get in touch. We’re in this together and here to help!

Stay well! Dr. Danny And Dr. Todd